Better Water For People, Animals and the Planet

The Water Quality Committee has been collecting data on the quality of the water in Kezar Lake for 40 years. In 2006 we initially added regular annual testing for six of the nine ponds in the watershed—Horseshoe Pond, Bradley Pond, Heald Pond, Farrington’s Pond, Cushman Pond and Trout Pond. Prior to that year, ponds had only been tested sporadically. In 2008, we added testing for two of the major streams draining into Kezar Lake—Boulder Brook and Great Brook.

Overall, the water quality of our watershed is among the best in the State of Maine, as confirmed by the Historical Trend Analysis we conducted in 2012. KLWA and its dedicated members work hard to ensure it remains so.

You can find links to our Annual Water Quality Testing Reports for 2009 – Present, the July 2012 Historical Trend Analysis, and the Kezar Lake Nutrient Modeling Analysis here. Please contact us if you’d like additional information from prior years.

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