In an effort to understand what our constituents value about the mission of the KLWA, President Ray Senecal kicked off a survey process called Voice Of Our Members (VOOM) at the 2014 Annual Meeting. This will help us prioritize funding and volunteers for specific projects.

This survey identified sixteen different programs and projects and asked those present to rate the relative importance of each on a scale of 1 to 5. Five was the most important and one was the least important. Of the seventy-three attendees who signed in, fifty-six completed and returned the survey. The results are shown below:

This shows that for this group, the most important projects are the ongoing Water Quality monitoring program and the Boat Safety Patrol, with a clear preference to retain the KLWA Safety Patrol rather than hire Maine Wardens to perform this function. The survey participants saw value in almost every program with which the KLWA is involved.

The sample size of this survey is relatively small, and limited to attendees at our annual meeting. A pilot program was conducted later in the summer 2014 with the Timber Bay Shores Association to obtain additional data. KLWA is considering the expansion of the survey to include additional Associations and the general public during the summer, 2015.