Change is Coming

At this year’s Annual Meeting, the membership joined the Board of Trustees by voting unanimously to approve a number of changes in our By-Laws. These changes are meant to bring the document up to current practices, provide the Board with some additional flexibility, and clarify certain procedures. This vote is “provisional” as we were short of a quorum at the meeting. Over the next several weeks we will endeavor to reach a sufficient number of our members to remedy this deficiency.

Proposed Changes

For a red-lined copy showing the full text of changes click here but the most substantive ones are summarized below:

  1. The definition of a ‘Quorum’ for an Annual Meeting is proposed to change from 1/3 of the membership to 25. This change is being proposed because we have become increasingly concerned that our growth in membership has not been matched by a similar growth in attendance at the Meeting and that, given people’s busy schedules, we may one day find ourselves without a quorum as currently defined.

  2. The election of Trustees is proposed to change from being elected at the annual meeting by the membership to being elected by the Trustees and ratified by the membership at the Annual Meeting. This will enable us to put interested individuals to work for the KLWA as soon as possible.

  3. Finally, it is proposed that a majority of the Trustees may make changes to the By-Laws unless such a change would pertain to the rights and privileges of the membership, in which case, those changes would require ratification by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

How Can I Help?

There are many projects that would benefit from your support and involvement. Help us sustain this wonderful environment for many generations to come. Give to KLWA so that we might reserve the watershed for children and grandchildren the same experiences that have been so meaningful to each of us. Volunteer and share your gifts with us.

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