Team Effort

The KLWA sponsored Maine Audubon Loon Count took place the third Saturday in July. This year we had eleven intrepid volunteers to cover the watershed. Six counters focused on Kezar Lake. We also had counters on Horseshoe, Trout, Heald, Bradley, and Farrington Ponds. The count has a strict protocol and all volunteers are only allowed to count birds that they see from 7am to 7:30am on that morning. This method is aimed at preventing a double count.

The Results

The results of our 2015 count were promising. We counted thirty-one adults and two chicks on the watershed. This is up from a count of twenty-four adults and zero chicks in 2014. Kezar Lake contributed twenty-five adults and one chick to this year’s count.

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to this important annual event! – Bonny Boatman

How Can I Help?

There are many projects that would benefit from your support and involvement. Help us sustain this wonderful environment for many generations to come. Give to KLWA so that we might reserve the watershed for children and grandchildren the same experiences that have been so meaningful to each of us. Volunteer and share your gifts with us.

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