Monitoring our Diverse Species of Fish

The Fisheries Committee monitors the presence of and conditions for various sport-fishing species in Kezar Lake. These include land-locked Salmon, Brook Trout, Lake Trout (Togue) and Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. The committee also monitors the presence of food species such as smelt, crayfish, and other fish species. We also work with Bass Tournaments and Fishing Derbies provide a successful experience for participants while protecting the local fish populations. Of particular concern are the spawning habitats for both Salmon and Brook Trout.

Our monitoring efforts are focused on Great Brook, Boulder Brook and Cold Brook, which provide the majority of spawning habitats in the watershed. In 2013, we hired Stantec, Inc. to conduct a survey of these locales specifically for salmon, documenting spawning beds (“redds”) along these tributaries. If you would like more information about the results, please read our past and current spawning reports here.

Ongoing plans for the committee include a re-survey of bass beds and on-going assessment of the fishing environment in the watershed.

For additional information on landlocked salmon see this Report from Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

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