The Kezar Lake Watershed lies nestled into the foothills of the White Mountains in southwestern Maine, and includes about 56 square miles within the towns of Lovell, Stoneham and Stow, Maine. Kezar Lake, nine miles long from north to south and covering a total of 2,510 acres, is one of the region’s great natural treasures. There are nine smaller ponds, numerous sparkling streams, and sweeping views of the White Mountains.  Moose, Loons, Eagles, Landlocked Salmon, Brook Trout, Large and Small-mouth Bass, Lake Trout (Togue), and other fish all find an excellent habitat in these waterways.

Valued for its rare beauty, recreational opportunities, ecological richness, and vital contribution to the local economy, this watershed is vulnerable today as never before.  The Kezar Lake Watershed Association is dedicated to protecting the Kezar Lake watershed for the enjoyment of future generations.

Mission and Purpose of our Association

Our purpose is to preserve, protect and maintain the ecological, scenic and recreational resources of Kezar Lake and its watershed for the benefit and enjoyment of residents, summer residents, and visitors, now and in future generations.

The Kezar Lake Watershed Association (KLWA) has been a leader in lake protection since 1969. We closely monitor lake-related legislation and advocate for lake protection in testimony before Maine State Legislative Committees.  We also work with local officials to promote safety, protect water quality, and encourage responsible stewardship of the lake and its watershed. We maintain a comprehensive, scientifically-based water quality research and monitoring program. We encourage understanding of the lake and watershed resources through our annual educational meeting, public forums, workshops, and the distribution of educational publications.

KLWA Bylaws