Annual Meeting Keynotes Climate Change

Attendees at this year’s Annual Meeting were most fortunate to welcome Elizabeth Hertz as our keynote speaker. Liz is the Director of Maine’s Municipal Planning Assistance Program, within the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. A well known expert and frequent presenter on Climate Change, Liz provided a fascinating perspective on the emerging effects of climate change in Maine. Framing her presentation with the core questions of “What we Know?” and “Why it Matters?”, she begin with a series of slides depicting evolving public perception of the reality, immediacy and potential threats posed by our changing climate. She then offered a series of interesting and sometimes surprising observations of what is already happening in Maine, and what might ultimately be observed within the Kezar Lake Watershed.

An accomplished presenter, Liz moved easily from key sources of technical data to broadly recognized trends in baseline weather patterns and the emerging frequency of major storm events. Her message was illustrated with a practical assessment of both the major challenges and the opportunities ahead. She fielded questions from an engaged audience for more than 20 minutes following her formal presentation and was warmly applauded at its conclusion. It was both an informative and entertaining experience for all of those in attendance.

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