The KLWA held its informative and enjoyable Annual Meeting this year on Saturday, July 12 at the Lovell United Church of Christ. President Ray Senecal opened the meeting at 9:30am, following a 45 min. Social Hour, during which time everyone had time to visit, and to peruse the items for sale to benefit the KLWA.

There were also lots of free handouts including copies of the most recent Newsletter, notices of Lovell Old Home Days, contact information for Boat Patrol Officer Jerry Littlefield, ‘Land, Lakes & Us’ magazine, and a new poster highlighting the locations of boating safety marker buoys.

Ray Senecal  KLWA

In his opening remarks, Ray talked about a new initiative of the KLWA called VOOM—Voice of Our Members. He presented a brief survey that he asked all in attendance to complete, ranking the programs of the KLWA and commenting on their value to the community. He then introduced Charles Cutler, the brother of past President Joan Irish, who spoke briefly honoring his sister and the ongoing work of the KLWA.

Bob Winship, President of the Greater Lovell Land Trust and Wes Huntress for the Lovell Invasive Plant Prevention Committee gave updates on the work of their respective organizations. Wes spoke at length about the Shoreline Steward Program, which has grown from 6 to 45 Stewards over the last year.

The Treasurer’s Report, Nominating Committee Report and the election of Trustees followed. Sara Cope and Jim Stone were re-elected to new 3 year terms.

Don Griggs gave an update on the Climate Change Observatory, a project of the KLWA receiving funding from foundations and private donors. He invited everyone to attend a Community Values Forum to be held on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at Severance Lodge. The purpose of this meeting is to determine what the watershed community most values about our current environment.

Ed Poliquin, Chair of the Fisheries Committee and the Loon Platform Project, updated the membership about both. He reminded everyone to take a look at the sample platform on display outside the church. As part of this report, Bonny Boatman provided numbers on the annual Loon Count conducted on behalf of the Maine Audubon Society.

The KLWA continues its efforts to maintain the health of our waters, and Sara Cope gave an update the results of 2013 Water Quality testing and introduced Heinrich Wurm as the new Chair of the committee.

The annual Joan Irish Award was presented by Moira Yip to Anna Williams. The award recipient is selected by Fryeburg Academy for excellence in scholarship and interest in pursuing environmental studies. Anna is the daughter of Patrick and Penny Williams of Shave Hill Road, Lovell, and is currently attending the University of Maine, Orono. Congratulations, Anna!

At the conclusion of the business meeting, Ed Poliquin introduced the Keynote Speaker, Mr. John Cooley, who is the Senior Biologist at the New Hampshire Loon Preservation Committee. Mr. Cooley spoke at length about Loon behavior, three decades of gradual recovery for Loons in New Hampshire, and the importance of active management of local Loon populations. He also talked about the long term effect of changing climatic conditions on loon populations, noting storm severity and water levels remain issues in stabilizing local loon populations. He then discussed the effects of increased boat traffic and discarded fishing tackle, in particular lead sinkers and plastic lines, both of which have disastrous effects on loon life spans. Mr. Cooley was the advisor to the KLWA in its recent Loon Nesting Platform Program. His speech was well received by the attentive audience, all of whom left with more information about loons, their lives, habitats and preservation than they previously had. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s annual meeting.