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Current Weather Data From the KLWA Weather Station

  • Updated Dec 12, 2019 11:17am
    • Temperature
      • Air Temperature25.3 °F
      • Water Temperature32.1 °F
      • Average Temperature Today23.5 °F
      • Degree Days5251.8

    • Precipitation SnowRain
      • Last Hour0.00 in.0.00 in.
      • Today0.00 in.0.00 in.
      • This Week0.83 in.0.10 in.
      • This Month0.83 in.1.07 in.
      • This Year41.13 in.61.71 in.
      • Current Rate0.00 in./hr.0.00 in./hr.

      • Relative Humidity45%

      • Barometric Pressure30.19 in.Hg
      • Pressure TendencySteady

    • Wind
      • Current Wind5.3 mph
      • 3-sec Rolling Avg.5.4 mph
      • 2-min Rolling Avg.6.8 mph
      • 10-min Rolling Avg.6.8 mph
      • 1-hr Rolling Avg.8.7 mph
      • Gusts: 2-min Avg.9.2 mph
      • Gusts: 10-min Avg.15.4 mph
      • Gusts: 1-hr Avg.18.7 mph

      • Wind Chill18.9 °F
      • Heat Index25.0 °F
      • Dew Point6.7 °F
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    About the KLWA Weather Station and WebCam

    Owner: Kezar Lake Watershed Association, PO Box 88 Lovell, ME 04051 Location:  Kezar Lake, East Shore, just South of Boulder Brook Webcam View: West through North – Including Baldface & Speckled Mts Hardware: Weather Station – Columbia Weather Systems Pulsar 600
    Webcam – Axis M-3025 VE HD Dome Camera  WordPress Integration by: Troy Web Consulting 415 River Street, 4th Floor, Troy NY Point of Contact:  Don Griggs griggsd@aol.com

    How Can I Help?

    This Webcam and Weather Station have recurring costs that need your financial support. Help us sustain this wonderful capability as well as the other projects and services KLWA provides. Your gift to KLWA will help preserve the watershed for many generations to come so they may enjoy the same experiences that have been so meaningful to each of us. Volunteer and share your gifts with us.

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