Loons are a key indicator of aquatic integrity for lakes. This initiative provides an opportunity to explore those indicators.

Kezar Lake Loon Survey

This July we recorded the best clarity measurement in Kezar Lake’s Upper Bay in close to 50 years. Learn more about our work.

2018 Fall Newsletter

The Kezar Lake Watershed covers about 56 square miles and contains six major ponds. Get the current depth and size of those ponds.

Kezar Lake Watershed Ponds

Protection of the Kezar Lake watershed requires all watershed residents to become active participants. Learn how you can help.

Lake Dweller’s Handbook

Making a Difference
on Kezar Lake

The purpose of the Kezar Lake Watershed Association (KLWA) is to preserve, protect and maintain the ecological, scenic and recreational resources of Kezar Lake and its watershed for the benefit and enjoyment of residents and visitors, now and in future generations.

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